Weeks / Topics

W1. Introduction to 3D modeling in urban scale. Process design and main decisions on project management.

W2. Modeling 1: Inserting raster image of a selected topography and producing vector drawings.

W3. Modeling 2: Creating 3 dimensional urban environment. Getting the naked topography model. (Autocad-Sketchup transformation)

W4. Modeling 3: Design on built model in micro scale. (Sketchup)

W5. Modeling 4: Design in macro scale. (Sketchup)

W6. Modeling 5: Integration of independent units. (Sketchup)

W7. Material: Introduction to material production and project library production.

W8. Texture: Choosing the suitable materials from libraries. (Lumion)

W9. Import: Merging and replacing externally referenced scenes. (Sketchup - Lumion)

W10. Libraries: Vegetation and street furniture (Lumion)

W11. Render: Lights and still image renders (Lumion)

W12. Camera: Basics of animation and camera modes. Motion picture renders. (Lumion)

W13. Video Editing: Transition effects, post production. (Adobe Premiere)

W14. Final project presentations: Movie clip presentation.