CRP 375 Digital Design and Visualization in Urban Planning

About the Course

Course focuses on virtual models of urban environment with its natural and built elements. Three dimensional representations of topography, creating design alternatives on the site is expected. Course also covers texture and material implementation over models, lighting and shading characteristics of physical space, photo realistic render output details and visualisation method as video editing. For each of these steps a different software profession is required as Trimble Sketchup, Lumion and Adobe Premiere.

Course Objectives

1) Introduce you with 3D modeling concepts and methods

2) Introduce you the techniques of urban topography modeling and design by the help of digital tools.

3) Give you the ability of designing and creating detailed/advanced virtual model and roam in created environment.

4) To inform you the ways of having photo-realistic images of their design.

5) Making you aware of creating videos with transition effects and having a short animation of your design to present in a required format.

Expected Skills to be Acquired by the End of Semester:

1. Develop the methods of perception and abstract thinking within a system understanding in the urban environment

2. Develop design skills for creating geographical order and syntax.

3. Understanding and developing skills on designing spatial hierarchy.

4. Develop the abilities of two dimensional and three dimensional thinking and representation.

5. Employ the ability to work individually to illustrate the originality and creativity